Coloring Activities

Learning colors with Oliver Poons & friends!

Learning colors is an important skill for young learners. Coloring can also help to spur creativity and help children to develop fine motor skills.

Our worksheets can serve as a fun and quiet post-reading activity in your classroom. Use our worksheets in two ways:

  • Have students color the characters with colors of their choice

  • Choose our guided worksheets to instruct students to color certain parts of the page with different colors

Look Inside

Shown above: Book + Workbook

Our workbook includes the following coloring activities:

  • p. 1-3: Color the characters
  • p. 4-6 Learning colors with guided worksheets. Our worksheets give directions to use specific colors on different parts of the page (ex: Color Oliver’s hat yellow) to teach colors.
  • Ages: Baby/Toddler | Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

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