Rhyming Activities

Oliver Poons & friends love to rhyme!

Oliver Poons and the Bright Yellow Hat is a fun, whimsical book for young children, written in rhyme. Our workbook incorporates activities to help children learn rhyme and poetry. These worksheets are an engaging activity for parents to use at home or for teachers to use as a lesson plan in the classroom.

A Look Inside

Shown Above: Book + Workbook

Our workbook includes the following activities to teach rhyme:

  • p. 35-37: Cross out the word that doesn’t rhyme with the rest / Choose a word that rhymes with the given word / Look through the book in sequential order to find words that rhyme with the given word
  • Ages: Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

*This workbook is made for use with the children’s book, Oliver Poons and the Bright Yellow Hat.

Use Oliver Poons to teach…

Recognizing Rhyme: When given a pair of words, the student determines whether or not they rhyme.

Example: Do these two words rhyme? Cat, Hat (Answer: yes)

Generating Rhyme: (Workbook p. 36-37) Given a target word, the student says (or writes) a word that rhymes.

Example: What rhymes with cat? (Answer: hat) 

Categories of Rhyming Words: (Workbook p. 35) The student picks out the word that doesn’t rhyme from a set of words.