The Real Oliver Poons

Lauryn’s lovable rescue cat, Oliver, is the inspiration behind the character Mr. Oliver Poons.

  • Lauryn adopted Oliver as a kitten from the animal rescue group No Kitten Left Behind in East Hartford, CT.
  • Lauryn and Oliver have grown to be best friends. Oliver follows Lauryn from room to room throughout the house to keep her company.
  • Oliver has a favorite (full-sized!) teddy bear named Emma that he carries with him and delivers to Lauryn if he thinks she needs a smile.
  • The character Orange Kitty is based on a neighborhood cat that Oliver sees often through the window.
  • Besides Emma bear, Oliver’s favorite toys are hNo Kitten Left Behindis soccer ball and jingle ball.

Oliver’s fun-loving and silly nature makes him the perfect subject for a whimsical series of stories your children are sure to love.